Barbie's Love Dilemma

Friday, January 20, 2006

Not about to be outdone, Blaine dropped his pants also, showing Barbie that unlike Ken's 1960's design, Blaine's modern day line of dolls were made anatomically correct, if not a little generous.
"Oh my!" Barbie gasped, dropping her tea in surprise.

Having soiled herself with the tea, Barbie went to her bedroom and changed. Upon returning, Barbie was delighted to see that her vibrantly homosexual neighours, Adam and Steve, had dropped over.

"Hi ya doll. We had some hash brownies we couldn't get through and thought you might like them." Steve told her.
"Super!" Barbie cheered taking the tray and bidding them farewell.
"Hey guys!" Barbie cheered handing the brownies around to Ken and Blaine "Let's get stoned!"
Half an hour later...
"What's with all the pink elephants?" Ken asked as they sat around giggling hysterically.

Later, Barbie began to feel a little ill and excused herself.
After a time, Blaine and Ken wondered what could possibly have happened to her and decided to look for her, finding her in the bathroom.

"Eugh, one brownie too many," Barbie gurgled.
As Ken and Blaine helped her up off the floor Barbie gasped in disappointment.
"Goodness! I've vomited a little on my blouse!" she pouted.
Barbie stripped out of her clothes to change, but upon catching her reflection in the bathroom mirror began screaming hysterically.
"Damn those brownies! Now I'm FAT!!! How am I supposed to promote an unrealistic body image to young girls now!!".


  • At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry, but the two homosexual neighbors are just COMPLETELY unbelievable.

    First off, you have them say they can't "get through" all the hash brownies.

    Uh, PLEASE? They're GAY, remember? Of COURSE they could get through all the hash brownies.

    There's only ONE reason they'd want to share brownies with Barbie, and that'd be to get Ken & Blaine so stoned as to not care if they were card-carrying heteros.

    As Adam & Steve are no longer mentioned after the brownie delivery, I can only surmise they didn't even try and make a half-hearted pass at the pair...

    Even with Ken's - uh - shortcomings, they could always flip him over to give him a good drilling!

  • At 6:08 PM, Blogger e.m.i.l.y. said…

    LoL. I think the neighbours are great, they pop in and pop out, though I'm not sure she'd be nice to them seeing as they ARE Bratz, who're the new kind of doll that's out selling her.. Other than that I love this story!

  • At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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